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Ella Stein

Ella Stein mission:

To pay homage to and empower the women of today and tomorrow, as they pave their way towards uncharted growth. To be at the forefront of making ethically handcrafted demi-fine jewelry accessible to the feminine powerhouses who make Ella Stein a reality every day.

Why? To pay ode to the women who wear and make our jewelry.
real. raw. radiant 

When an engagement ring is cut, up to 60% of the rough diamond is often thrown away. We sort and use these tiny symbols of love in our jewelry, reducing environmental waste and making our jewelry completely sustainable.

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  1. It Was Always You Ring
  2. Small Heart Necklace
  3. Ella Stein pave stack
  4. Ella Stein Linked to You Stackable Ring
  5. Mooning Over You Ring
  6. Starry Eyed Necklace
  7. Ella Stein pave hoop earring
  8. Ella Stein True Love Always
  9. Drop Fashion Ring
  10. Set The Bar
  11. Small Drop Necklace
  12. Crescent Moon Necklace
  13. Flower Power Necklace