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Cranberry Thyme Gin & Tonic Cocktail Infusion Kit

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The classic gin & tonic has been raised to toast by many, & as cocktails evolve, it only feels right to take a spin on the beloved mixed drink. We've created the perfect blend of cranberry, thyme, sugar and lime (oh, and some orange, too!) for you to create the perfect G & T at home! We recommend a gin such as bombay or hendricks, but if you have a favorite, go for it. You won't be mad you did! Of course, with any of our infusions, we suggest the most common or preferred spirit, however infusions can be made with any type of spirit. Alcohol not included. Each kit makes 6-8 drinks. All infusions can be zero proof by adding boiling water instead of alcohol. Every kit has a 9 month shelf life from date of manufacturing. Suggested consumption is 9 months after infusion. Best kept refrigerated, but not necessary. Cheers!